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Profilo gang by OSINT sources: [source: 0]

Snatch is a ransomware which infects victims by rebooting the PC into Safe Mode. Most of the existing security protections do not run in Safe Mode so that it the malware can act without expected countermeasures and it can encrypt as many files as it finds. It uses common packers such as UPX to hide its payload.


N. rivendicazioni 2024 2023 2022
114 15 59 40
Fonte onionUltimo titoloStatusUltimo scrapeVersione Tor
hl66646wtlp2naoqnhattngigjp5palgqmbwixepcjyq5i534acgqyad.onion News 🔴 02-11-2023 3
snatch.press Access Denied 🔴 29-01-2023 0
snatchteam.top News 🔴 13-09-2023 0
snatchteam.cc Just a moment... 🟢 20-06-2024 0
snatchnews.top Just a moment... 🟢 20-06-2024 0
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