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Descrizione: ACEA EnergiaWe are working to improve residents’ daily lives by offering top quality, essential services - water, energy, lighting and waste treatment. Our aim is to constantly enhance quality, via an efficient management of our infrastructures and major investments in technological innovation. We are the number one Italian operator in the sector of integrated water services. We produce and distribute electricity and illuminate the Capital’s roads and monuments. We are in the sector of the electricity production. We are one of the leading Italian operators in the sale of electricity and gas.Our plants, located across Italy, play a major role in our business. These widely differing technological and complex facilities comprise waste-to-energy, photovoltaic, hydroelectric and thermoelectric power plants. We value our people and support their growth. We communicate to our people the Group’s principles and values and each day are committed to enhancing their sense of belonging, encouraging and supporting their training and professional growth in a fully inclusive environment.SITE: www.acea.it Address *2 Piazzale Ostiense, **Rome, 00154, Italy *Tel: +39 657991

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Settore lavorativo: Energy

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