Vittima: drmsusa.com

ID: 15494 rilevato il 18-05-2024 09:58:09 dal gruppo incransom
Descrizione: "Our Priority We believe that everyone deserves the right to work and play without regards to intimidation of security or data breaches. DRMS trains our professional staff in the latest techno tactics designed to defeat the predatory villains. We do this so that as our customer, you won’t have to. Join us to see how we can protect your data, servers, computer devices in addition to custom software applications allowing you to work and play with confidence." As for us they don't care about their customers privacy at all. They preferred to put their clients business and safety under the threat. Their CEO Benjamin Gurrola had a possibility to get a deal but didn't use it. Soon all sensitive data we'll be published.

Hash di rilevamento: 8f96fb104692644ded4a7f3a5737798cb0ed696cee3f4a8423ccc681baf989d0
Vittima localizzata in: USA
Sito web: N/D
Settore lavorativo: High-tech

Questo script colleziona ogni rivendicazione criminale esattamente come esposta dalle fonti (modello "As Is"), in un database SQL per creare un feed permanente, che può anche essere seguito con tecnologia RSS.
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